Transforming Employee Healthcare Benefits:

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Offer Health Benefits on Any Budget

  • You Define Your Contribution Amounts

  • Legally Reimburse Individual Policies

  • You And Your Employees Save On Taxes

  • We Handle All Employee Questions

  • You Define Your Employee Classes

  • Contribute Different Amounts to Each Class

  • Employees Choose from Dozens of Options

  • We Handle All Benefits Administration

Individual Plans are Often Cheaper than Group

But, did you know that it is illegal for an employer to reimburse employees for their individual health premiums. Employers are subject to a $100 per day ($36,500 per year) per employee penalty if they reimburse or pay any portion of individual health coverage premiums on either a pre-tax or post-tax basis.


It's an administration platform that helps your company save the above $36,500 penalty... per employee! The Benefit X-Change® helps make it legal to reimburse individual health premiums. It helps you follow all applicable ACA, HIPAA, ERISA, DOL, and IRS laws. Plus...

EMPLOYERS spend what your business can afford...

Contribute from $0 to unlimited. Create different classes of employees and set each class at a different amount.

We help you determine a reasonable and affordable contribution for each class of employees. Finally, a budget you control.

Offer an excellent benefits solution for recruiting and retention. No minimum, no maximum, and no participation requirements.

Stop reducing benefits each year. Start increasing them. Enjoy better cost predictability and increased choice for your employees.

Eliminate cumbersome administration, even COBRA, ERISA, ACA, IRS, and HIPAA compliance.

We answer all employee questions. We help your employees take greater ownership of their health care purchasing decisions and more appreciate your contribution.

EMPLOYEES get your own personalized benefits store...

Leading-edge technology -- to help match you with benefits that are best suited to your individual needs, family situation, and budget.

No more "one-size-fits-all." Purchase your own personal, individual plans which may be much cheaper than a group plan.

Confidential, reliable, and trustworthy service from licensed professionals with benefits expertise.

You have access to more benefit options than are typically available at Fortune 500 companies. And we remove the guesswork to make the whole process easy - even fun.

You become more aware of your health care finances and purchases - and more empowered to take control of your healthcare and fianacial portfolio.

Your Own Private X-Change®

White label your own benefits superstore...

Where your employees can buy health benefits AND reimburse themselves with money allocated through your "Defined-Contribution" health plan.

Much-Needed Employee Benefits Resource

The Benefit X-Change® uses innovative, cutting-edge technology and four decades of industry experience to offer employers predictability in health-care costs and a realistic path out of benefits management.

Outsource Your Healthcare Administration

The Benefit X-Change® operates as your benefits administration platform to automate the handling of enrollment, eligibility, employee support, payroll reporting, and more.

The SMART Way To Buy Benefits

Save Money And Reduce Taxes


Employer signs up, determines their contribution, and enrolls their employees. Each employee receives their own user names and passwords


Employees select from more options than most Fortune 500 companies offer. They choose plans to best fit their needs and pay the premiums.


Employer uses its existing payroll software or service to record pre-tax deductions and reimbursements in less than 5 minutes per month.

Will This Work For My Company?

Is your company searching for a lower-cost alternative to expensive group plans? Does your company wish to offer a wide selection of top-tier benefit options but control the cost? Would your company like to offer as much or as little as you’d like by employee class but still be 100% tax-free?

Then, the Benefit X-Change works for your company, too! Book a demo today!

Saving employers time and money.

Empowering their employees.

A WIN-WIN for recruiting and retention!

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